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wet walls

There is nothing, nothing in this world that connects me more to other human beings than watching them create artwork.

This is Cristian Sonda. He does large-scale paints and murals, but what I really like about this video is watching how he uses the different tools. I like to see rollers turned on their ends for linework and brush bristle being brushes for spatter.

Cristian Sonda – Viareggio 2010 – Slam! Arte Urbana in laboratorio

Livepaintig to Calderara di Reno, Bologna 2010

Also these two guys (brothers?), Centina & James Kalinda, do some sweet black and white illustration work inside an abandoned spaces:

Abandoned Places III

Abandoned Places II

As for the G20 I did manage to get some absolutely insane photos … but I am hesitant to post them, let alone comment on them, until I research (uncover?) more about the events that happened over the week. What I have seen, witnessed and heard from others who were present raises too many questions that need some serious explanation.

Until then!

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