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New Sketchbook

I realized last month that I was feeling very stressed about alot of things, and that excessive drinking wasn’t helping. (joking, that always helps!)
But in all seriousness, I came to the realization I no longer sketch and it has always been a way for me to unwind and daydream. So I purchased this great little sketchbook by Semikolan which measures about 5″x4.” I really love the design of it, there is a ribbon page-keeper, elastic pencil holder, and a tiny folder/pocket at the back. It’s very durable AND has an antiqued world map at the front. Obviously this map thing sold me, as I like to constantly remind myself of how depressing it is how little of the world I’ve seen. (I apologize for the abundance of sarcasm, its just one of those days.) I found mine at PULP the Paper Gallery on Danforth near the Carrot Common, but DRYSDALE & CO also sells them. But I digress…

Sometimes I draw people I see around the city:


CLICK // 2010.May.15

CLICK // 2010.may.23

CLICK // 2010.may.23

Additionally, I finally received the photos from the shoot I did with Caitlin Knight and Korby Banner. They are stunning! They did such a great job given I am no model! I will post one because I think she deserves some some publicity. To contact Caitlin Knight for shoots or events, send me an email ( and I will forward her information.

Makeup: Caitlin Knight; Photo: Korby Banner

Makeup: Caitlin Knight; Photo: Korby Banner

PS: I made the necklace. The birdcage is silver jewelry wire, I bought the chains and threaded one with ribbon. The tooth sitting on the swing is Caitlin’s molar. Don’t worry, she didn’t remove it for me.
She thinks its romantic.
Others just think its creepy hahaha.

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