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Lymphatic systems makes up the second half of your cardiovascular system, though most people are only aware of the circulatory system (blood circulation.) Western medicines do not place much focus on lymph health and functioning, and it is rare to hear it mentioned unless by a specialist.

From birth, evidentially, my lymphatic system has been weak. Several years ago I developed Primary Lymphedema as a result of a snowboarding injury. Better know as Elephantiasis. (Do not worry though, my limbs are NO WHERE near as swollen as the poor people in the photos on the article! I am still at stage 1.) Thankfully I have been able to keep the swelling to a minimum through massage, acupuncture, and diet.

The initial reaction from most people when I tell them about this is usually skepticism. Who ever heard of “lymphedema” and “lymph nodes” and all that nonsense?? Well the unfortunate truth is that unless you know someone who has gone through breast cancer (breast cancer survivors tend to have severe damage to their lymphatic systems after treatment,) you would not be aware of the essential system that intertwines with your veins.

Anyway, enough mumbo-jumbo! To better understand my own lymphatics and the way the vessels flow, I drew up a medical-type illustration with all the essentials labeled. Inspiration came to me from this sheet on self-massage:

And the final image:

This has helped me greatly in understanding the maneuvers of self massage, as direction and pressure-points are key. However, I have always been fascinated with anatomical illustrations. I think they make excellent wall art.

If you have either primary or secondary lymphedema feel to contact me for extensive tips and treatment. You MUST make permanent lifestyle changes to counteract the condition, or it will worsen with time!

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