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I heard Banksy is (was) in Toronto and have been keeping my ear to the ground to see how he leaves his mark.

BANKSY in Toronto, west side of Market St and the Esplanade

CLICK //BANKSY in Toronto, west side of Market St and the Esplanade

After much sweaty searching and a tip-off that he had hit somewhere near the St. Laurence Market/Esplanade area, I came across this small two-tone stencil. The owner of the place has since framed it behind plexiglass lol.
I suggest you check out not only Banksy’s work, but pay more attention to urban artwork in general. Sometimes they provide great social commentary. I usually walk through the backalleys whenever I can to see if any nice pieces have gone up in the night. I find it much more bearable to walk through an alleyway full of rough artwork than a crowded sidewalk plastered with sleek advertisements.

This Queen West mural is wonderful:

CLICK //West Queen West, north side near Ossington

Trinity Bellwoods is in beautifully in bloom and full of artists and dog-walkers alike:

CLICK //Trinity Bellwoods Park, Queen and Ossington

And got some great urban-decay textures from the alleyways near St. Laurence Market:

CLICK //back of cafe, near King and Church

CLICK //layers of brick exposed, near Rainbow Cinemas @ Church and Front St

I am SO glad the summer weather is here and allowing me to escapade on my own. Its very relaxing to just wander without a set destination and come across new places and faces.

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