the globalWOLF team
1:09pm - Mon Apr 4 2016 in Platform Updates

A fresh, new look!

As of this morning you will notice that the login screen for your account has a  fresh, new look. The login screen, knowledge base and notification emails will now reference globalWOLF. This change aligns with our acquisition by Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies that we announced in July of last year. Please note that the functionality of your account and the resources available to you remain the same and we will continue to support you as a valued user.

the globalWOLF team
1:09pm - Mon Apr 4 2016 in Platform Updates

globalWOLF Release 11.0.0

With the version 11.0.0 release comes the fully-fledged rebrand from realigin to globalWOLF!

  • The domain has been replaced by
  • We've updated the Mortgage Calculator module.
  • We've updated the platform so it can be accessed from
  • We've made several changes to support the re-brand to
  • We've addressed a challenge causing unsuccessful attempts at deleting Blog Tags.

Account Access Changes

  • We've disabled free access to the Residential Directory feature.
  • Brokerage-level accounts no longer have access to the Admin - Team Management menu.
  • Going forward, only users with the Deluxe Website feature enabled - through a Brokerage account or Standalone - will be able to create a new website.
  • Non-globalWOLF account types no longer have access to hosted email accounts and email forward capabilities.

the globalWOLF team
11:31am - Mon Mar 21 2016 in Platform Updates

realigin release

10.9.3 continues the work we're doing to make realigin part of the Lone Wolf family of products and includes improvements to Invoices, Mass Emails, and several bug fixes.

  • Mortgage calculators have been updated to use the user's country information to determine which algorithm will be used.
  • The Consumer Account Verification email now includes email branding as configured by users within realigin.
  • Calendar event notifications are now being sent correctly.

Mass Emails

  • The Trusted By logo displayed in Mass Emails has been updated to use Lone Wolf branding.
  • The Trusted By logo will now appear in Email Template Proof footers.
  • We've removed the height field requirement when inserting images into a Mass Email Template.
  • We've added placeholder images when adding listing images to a Mass Email Template to give you a better idea of the final look of the email.
  • Email Template Proofs now contain placeholder images where listing images will appear.

Listings Search

  • The amount of results returned through a Listing Search now complies with the maximum allowed as dictated by the selected MLS Board (when applicable).
  • Improved MLS Board disclaimer display and functionality in Listing Search results.
  • The Listing Search Module has been upgraded when using Standard MLS Sources to allow advanced customization and selection of multiple MLS boards for a single search.


  • HTML entities will no longer appear in Lead Submissions resulting from a user filling out an Agent Website webform.
  • A challenge preventing users from uploading images to Exclusive Listings has been addressed.
  • A challenge preventing users from deleting images from Exclusive Listings has been addressed.
  • Users are now able to enter Exclusive Listings when their account is using a Standard MLS Source.


  • Invoice Previews and PDFs now include the Lone Wolf logo.
  • Invoice previews and PDFs now include the Paid Date.

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