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Be Curious About What’s Under The Hood

Design Systems. Everyone seems to have one. But I started building my first in 2016, well before they were a buzz word, and miles ahead of it becoming a best practice for UI design. Back then, my challenges to solve were big. And after multiple acquisitions with disparate products, those challenges became colossal.

A Design System of reusable, configurable components was a win-win-win-win for Designers, Architects, Product Managers, and Engineers. It gave all of us consistency in our various jobs and it provided reliable visual patterns for our users. Bringing multiple disparate products (and teams) together is never easy. But having a guiding north star certainly helps.

Micro to macro.
And everything in between. →

What’s truly fun about a custom Design System is that although it contains all the standard elements like buttons, tabs, and modals, it also allows UX designers to tuck in little moments of whimsy into otherwise drab UI’s. Here’s where you can hint at your brand’s personality: with focus states, confirmation styles, and tasteful animations. Et voila! Boring submission form, who?

Vector-Based or Code?
Why Not Both? →

While a company can get by with just a designer’s component library and brand guide, having a code-based equivalent is a game changer for rapid product development. Being somewhat familiar with front end code allows me to jump between Design components (ie: Figma) and Code components (ie: SASS and React) with ease. Having an eye in both worlds creates consistency and takes UI one step closer to * perfection *.

My UX Principles:

It’s not just about looking good.
It’s about actually being good too. →

Be consistently curious.

Unfiltered user research is the cornerstone that shapes a knockout UX solution. Use what you learn to craft design solutions that feel familiar, intuitive, and shockingly efficient to your user base.

Excellence is found in humility.

Who are you building for, and what problems do they need solved? Who are the members of your team, and what are their strengths? What role can I play in helping you succeed?

Human touch.

Make the final solution personable with creative touches and wit. It is in the awkward moments of empty states and page errors where you make big impressions on users. Did they feel taken care of or informed of what to do next? Are you aware of the places and reasons behind why your users are stumbling? What about crafting those *warm and fuzzie* feelings about your brand?

Although I’m not one to toot my own horn, I’ve been called a ‘golden unicorn’ when it comes to my skillset . By multiple people.