Natalie Paul Design

The Enterprise Projects

The New Real Estate Suite

This reveal was years in the making. And it’s ready for it’s grand debut.

Q: How do you bring multiple disparate products together?

A: With a Design System built for scalability and mass adoption.

The Premiere Real Estate Suite

I’m proud to say that there is nothing else in the real estate market like the enterprise system we built for Lone Wolf. It’s the Google or Microsoft of the real estate industry. The new suite of apps stretches beyond the ones I’ve highlight. View each project for details such as duration, goals, and the role I played in each.

Digital Forms

Online forms for real estate professionals to work digitally. Populate, annotate, sync real estate data, and compose legal forms, addendums, and clauses.

This overhaul received rave reviews.


The first app to be designed with the original Helix component library. For this project, a brand-name eSignature app for the real estate industry gets a much-needed update.

This overhaul received rave reviews.


The heart of a real estate deal is the transaction. This is ultimately where an agent organizes their legal work to ensure that they get a paycheque delivered.

This project is currently in the research and design phase.


Powerful desktop-based data analysis tools had to be brought online quickly, without ostracizing its fanbase.

This overhaul received rave reviews.

Back Office Accounting

An absolute beast of an accounting app gets a sleek, modern, and intuitive UI update after spending 20 years in FoxPro.

This project is currently in the development phase.


An app that stores, sorts, and organizes a real estate professional’s personal connections and allows them to progress connections into deals.

This project is currently in the research and design phase.