Real estate professionals can’t succeed unless they have a system for managing their contacts.

NEW BUILD | Project duration: currently in progress
Roles: UX Direction, User Research Direction, UI Direction, Component Library updates

The Problem:

The company doesn’t have a proprietary contact management solution, which means our users store them elsewhere. This creates problems keeping data up to date. And it’s something many of the competitors offer.

The Solution:

Find out what it is that real estate agents need from a CRM. And especially one that hooks directly into some of the most powerful real estate software on the planet.

The Plan:
  1. Perform competitive analysis on the best-in-class and most popular CRMs in the real estate space.
  2. Distill down the agent’s needs when trying to move a contact from “cold” to “hot.” What type of actions win the agent a contact’s business? What are the critical touchpoints? What type of reminders or action plans do they find helpful? etc.
  3. Translate our findings into an easy to navigate UI, which has a strong foundation to transform into a more powerful CRM tool in the future.
  4. Present UI mockups to users and iterate based on their feedback, stumbling points, points of praise, and “eureka” moments until we get a user satisfaction score of 7.5 +
  5. Build our flat mockups using our revised Design System (v3).
  6. Update our React component library with any new assets so other products can take advantage of them.
  7. Share our findings with the organization, including those in Marketing and Sales, so that the points of praise about the new design can be leveraged.

UX/UI Design

The new Contacts app was built with our Helix Design System. It also set several of the UI Pattern standards that we use throughout other new application builds. This gives a cohesive look and experience across the suite of products.

This project is actively in the research and design phase.

More updates and outcomes will be shared when they become available.