Natalie C. Paul

Natalie is a User Experience and User Interface specialist for large-scale companies. She has served as a thought-leader in solving UX within Enterprise environments. Her passions include: scalable design systems, human-focused problem-solving, and cross-functional collaboration.

With over 10 years experience in UX/UI leadership and over 15 years of SaaS Design experience, Natalie possess a unique combination of creative vision, strong leadership skills, a technical background, and business acumen. She comes with a proven track-record of delivering successful design solutions to complex problems, leading and managing high-performing design teams, and advocating for the value of world-class design within a multimillion dollar organization.

Please find more information about Natalie’s skills and work history on LinkedIn →.

My UX Principles:

Design is not just about looking good.
It’s about actually being good too. →

Be consistently curious.

Unfiltered user research is the cornerstone that shapes a knockout UX solution. Use what you learn to craft design solutions that feel familiar, intuitive, and shockingly efficient to your user base.

Excellence is found in humility.

Who are you building for, and what problems do they need solved? Who are the members of your team, and what are their strengths? What can I learn to ensure success?

Human touch.

Make the final solution personable with creative touches and wit. It is in within the awkward moments of empty states and errors where you make lasting impressions on users—so plan accordingly.

☕️ Her hobbies include:
– reading about history, human behaviour and psychology
– researching and sharing sustainable fashion and lifestyle topics
– making painstakingly detailed lists (Packing lists. Plant lists. Gift lists. Recipe lists. Idea lists. To Do lists. Holiday lists. Interior Design lists. Playlists. So, so many lists…)

I don’t like to toot my own horn … however:
Not only have I built an award-winning UX department from scratch, but I’ve also successfully led large organizations with UCD (user-centered design) thinking and made the company over $1B in the process.

UX Speaking Events

Natalie has done formal and informal speaking and coaching over the years. In 2018, she was invited to be a key speaker at an exclusive UX Design and Strategy Training event hosted by Vista Equity Partners.

Natalie’s expertise lies in her in-depth understanding of the various ways in which people and digital products intersect. She is often tapped for her knowledge on building and maintaining Design Systems, Enterprise-Level Product UX/UI Design, and developing hybrid Design/Research/Engineering teams that coexist peacefully, efficiently and fabulously.