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Securely manage brokerage communication

One of realigin's most popular features includes a private social network for your brokerage and secure one-on-one communication with large file transfer functionality. realigin offers both private and professional social networking, with which you can connect, share and converse with your representatives.

Additionally, Share Groups make it easy to share information, conversations and documents with all or select groups of your representatives. realigin's messaging system is extremely secure, allowing you to converse quickly with an individual and transfer large and sensitive files, all while maintaining a time and date-stamped history.

Generate and Manage Leads.

Robust Lead Connections

Leads generated through your websites, third party websites or portals, referrals and other prospecting activities can be set on Assisted Plans and Automatic Milestones. These features allow you to steamline follow ups, programs, anniversary and birthday e-cards, home anniversaries and more!

Tools to Stay Connected

Maintain connections and exposure to your sphere of influence using realigin's Assisted Plans, as well as branded print and email templates. These materials can also be syndicated down to representatives to help control branding and provide easy-to-use resources for everyone.

Accessible and Secure

Your data is safe and secure in the Real Web Solutions Atmosphere, a system of private and secure clouds. realigin is designed tablet and mobile friendly as well, for ease of use. Active Sync is also available to seamlessly connect your contacts, tasks and calendars to your devices.

Take your recruitment to the next level.

Manage Information Effectively

Adaptable social client management is exactly what you need for managing your relationships with potential recruits. Unique features include extremely flexible contact management, creating relationships, email integration, social media integration and property tracking.

Personal Experiences

Stay in touch and organized while saving time by using our assisted programs and milestones. Standardize the recruitment and performance management processes across your representatives and branches while still providing a very personal experience.

Offer Innovative Solutions

To facilitate communication and connection each representative is provided a base realigin account. We have a wide range of affordable options for enhancing the base accounts for your representatives. Speak to us directly about your requirements.

Flexible, branded marketing to engage with prospects.

Quick Marketing Materials

Email and Print marketing documents can be generated quickly and easily with realigin. Create personal material quickly using contact and listing merge. You can use an existing template, create your own or order premium templates from approved suppliers.

Unique & Powerful Websites

Use your websites to not only generate leads but also to connect and engage visitors. With features such as neighborhood boundary mapping, condo building data, listing feeds and amenities your website will be an excellent resource and lead generator. All website features including themes, searches, blogs, are responsive in design and allow for extensive customization to reflect your brand and niche.

Enhance Your Social Profiles

Share your listings easily across social platforms. We offer Facebook Page Apps so your friends can search listings, representatives and office locations right on your Facebook Page. Our Twitter Assist also seamlessly tweets out new listings, price changes and open houses along with other scheduled tweets.

Tools that make compliance and brand management easy.

Maintain Brand Control With Ease

As a brokerage, you have invested in your branding and the training provided for your representatives. Fortunately, realigin empowers you to quickly and easily provide training and branded marketing material to those who need it.

Provide Resources to Representatives

realigin enables you to syndicate Assisted Plans and Call Scripts, as well as print and email templates, website content, themes and any other documents your representatives may require. You can even send Brokerage Email Newsletters on behalf of your representatives. To make it even easier for representatives, they can access this information from anywhere.

Prospecting & DNCL Management

Provide representatives with a powerful Residential Directory to create call, mail and door knocking lists. Our Residential Directory is updated on a regular basis and is fully integrated with our DNCL solution which manages your brokerage's CRTC subscription as well as the Brokerage Do Not Call List. The most compliant DNCL solution on the market for brokerages.

Access the assistance and support to make it all easy.

24/7 Assistance

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Knowledgeable Assistance

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Specialty Partners

Our network of partners are here to help make the most of your realigin account with specialties ranging from business process consultation to web design and everything in-between.

The future of brokerage solutions is realigin.

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