Author: N.C.P.

  • UI Kit 2017 – HTML or React.js Ready

    This is the latest version of a custom UI Kit built for use across an entire enterprise solution. The custom kit uses Bootstrap 4 as its foundation, with Material Design principals, and a whole range of custom components too. Because the kit is compatible with HTML or React.js components, it’s ideal for both designers and…

  • UI Kit – Bootstrap + GMD

    This is a fully custom UI Kit based off of Google’s Material Design, using Bootstrap 3 as the foundation. (The latest version of the UI Kit is using Bootstrap 4 Alpha.) Time was taken with each element and component so that not only is it beautiful on desktop and mobile, but each item is also…

  • Lone Wolf globalWOLF Platform redesign

    Here is a sneak-peek of a platform redesign that is currently underway. This is a Bootstrap 3 (Bootstrap 4 compatible) framework using a custom UI Kit I put together for the company. The UI Kit is based off of Google’s Material Design aesthetics and is injected with a bit of personal style for use across…

  • AgentWOLF Package Page

    This is a single page order form for AgentWOLF packages. View My Prototype

  • realigin CRM/CMS platform and Website Editor

    About This Project The realigin platform is a CRM/CMS and Website creation tool for real estate professionals. When I was first brought on, the new platform didn’t have an official name yet, and it lacked clarity and direction. For the initial launch one year later, the usability, responsiveness, and design had vastly improved. The product…

  • realigin product website

    The newest platform from Real Web Solutions, realigin, is an extremely powerful CRM/CMS that offers just about every web tool a real estate professional could wish for. This product and services website separates realigin from any other real estate tech companies in both aesthetics and performance. I used Bootstrap framework at the core to ensure…

  • Homeseek

    Homeseek is just a concept at this point. I put together a quick one-page teaser until the product is built. On this page I played with CSS3 animations, did some quick branding concepts and custom icons. View It Live

  • Toronto Prep School website

    [image src=”” linkto=”” width=”800″ height=”575″ lightbox=”true” title=”Toronto Prep School website” autoresize=”true” clickthrough=”true”] Responsive school website for desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Type-D Website


  • Inneractive

    Inneractive’s website.