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realigin CRM/CMS platform and Website Editor

About This Project

The realigin platform is a CRM/CMS and Website creation tool for real estate professionals.

When I was first brought on, the new platform didn’t have an official name yet, and it lacked clarity and direction. For the initial launch one year later, the usability, responsiveness, and design had vastly improved. The product was quickly bought by a larger real estate technology company.

We built the platform using Bootstrap as the base, meaning the platform and all website components are 100% responsive. Our clients have a growing need to quickly access their leads, listings and other information on the go! This required rigorous planning and testing on my end to make sure our product delivered what our client’s need.

The Dashboard and Popular Features

A 100% Responsive Platform

Each piece of the platform was meticulously planned out and executed to be 100% responsive, so our users can add contacts, look up information, or even publish a blog post on the go.

Typical workflow for building out new components would begin with a brief meeting to review ideas, then either move into initial prototyping on a separate development space, or would go through wireframing and design mockups if needed.

The Website Editor and Components

The a large part of my work was focused on creating modules and widgets to use with our website editor. Real estate listings forms and modules were built out with PHP, jQuery, HTML and CSS. All components and pieces are 100% responsive, including the listing search and details pages. The listing search pages have three views: Grid View, Map View and List View. This module in particular required much research, testing and client input.

Website Theme, Widget and Module Development

A few examples of websites themes, using widgets and modules, I’ve created use within realigin:

Custom Theme and Website Development

A few examples of customized websites I’ve created for real estate clients using realigin:

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— Natalie Paul, UX/UI and web presence specialist in Toronto.

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