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realigin product website

The newest platform from Real Web Solutions, realigin, is an extremely powerful CRM/CMS that offers just about every web tool a real estate professional could wish for. This product and services website separates realigin from any other real estate tech companies in both aesthetics and performance.
I used Bootstrap framework at the core to ensure a perfect experience at any screen size.

View It Live

Realigin has since been sold to an other company and is now being rebranded! I have added a live demo of the website since it is no longer available.

The website was designed to give viewers a taste of what to expect from realigin, all while remaining friendly-feeling but tech-focused. The primary purpose is to push user sign-up.
During development, I made sure the forms were fun to interact with and easy to understand. This helped eliminate partially filled-out forms and kept the user’s trust through the sign-up process. Form validation is immediate and clear.

The product pages feature large images and illustrated icons to breakup the content. Subtle CSS animations on content pieces, plus the animated push-scrolling on desktop, make the pages engaging to navigate through.

The website’s content pieces breakup up in a fluid but “clever” way to keep the layout looking good on smaller devices. Notice how these three content pieces don’t just collapse down to 100%-wide on tablet, but reconfigure themselves in a more logical way:

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— Natalie Paul, UX/UI and web presence specialist in Toronto.

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