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  • new-age Pin-up

    new-age Pin-up

    Sneak peak for David’s girl: a laundromat pin-up, urban style.

  • Old Cabbagetown Backalley

    Old Cabbagetown Backalley

    I had never spent time in Old Cabbagetown until I started working at Parliament and Carlton. “Why would you want to?” – at least that’s what I used to think. There is much more character(s) to this part of town than I could have imagined…

  • wet walls

    There is nothing, nothing in this world that connects me more to other human beings than watching them create artwork. This is Cristian Sonda. He does large-scale paints and murals, but what I really like about this video is watching how he uses the different tools. I like to see rollers turned on their ends…

  • G20, here and now

    G20, here and now

    Hey there ladies and gents, As you may be aware the G20 is this weekend here in my hometown of Toronto. I decided to post some pics I took earlier in the week to give you a peak [ more on … the G20 in Toronto ]

  • Banksy!


    I heard Banksy is (was) in Toronto and have been keeping my ear to the ground to see how he leaves his mark. After much sweaty searching and a tip-off that he had hit somewhere near the St. Laurence Market/Esplanade area, I came across this small two-tone stencil. The owner of the place has since…